Free plants for the cost of shipping

You won’t get SHIPCOST plants unless you use the coupon.

We, the people behind plantslive are wishing you a very happy and prosperous green new year. You have great benefit from plantslive as a new year offer.

Plantslive is giving free plants equivalent to the cost of shipping for every purchase. A list of free plants can be selected from the bellow list, if you use the coupon code SHIPCOST. Another happy news is that you can use this coupon along with OFFER20 coupon so that you can avail 20% discount on total cart value.

Example: You bought 5 plants worth Rs. 1800 and the shipping cost ( 7.5 kg) is shown as  419. You can avail free plant(s) worth of 419. Means you will get plants for total (1800 + 419 =) 2219.

You must apply both coupons one by one to avail this benefit.

Available free plants are listed bellow.

PLFS001 – Krishna Tulsi, Tulsi ( Black ) – Plant – Rs. 234

PLFS002 – Adiantum species – Plant – Rs 499

PLFS003 – Insulin plant – Costus igneus Plant – Rs. 299

PLFS004 – Insulin Plant – Red -Rs 399

PLFS005 – Passion Fruit, Krishna Fal – Passiflora – Purple – Rs. 349

PLFS006 – Passion Fruit, Krishna Fal – Passiflora – Yellow – Rs. 299

PLFS007 – Annona cherimola, Hanuman Phal (layered)- Plant – Rs 451

PLFS008 – Adiantum Raddianum, Maidenhair Fern – Plant – Rs 499

PLFS009 – Thunbergia Erecta Nana, Meyenia Erecta Nana, Bush Clock Vine (Blue) – Plant Rs 300

PLFS010 – Thunbergia grandiflora flower plant – Rs 499

PLFS011 – Grape, Angoor seedless – Plant – Green – Rs 849

PLFS012 – Grape, Angoor seedless – Plant – Black – Rs 899

PLFS013 – Grape, Angoor seedless – Plant – Blue – Rs 799

PLFS014 – Cymbopogon martinii-Geranium grass, Lemon grass-plant – Rs 499

PLFS015 – Aracanut – Plant – Rs 399

PLFS016 – Crossandra undulaefolia soundarya – Plant Rs 399

PLFS017 – Ecbolium viride, Turquoise Crossandra – blue – Plant – Rs 699

PLFS018 – Hibiscus Plant – Rs 349


Free plants will be given along with the purchased plant delivery. Free plants should be selected from this list and send mail (NOT whatsapp) with plant code for example PLFS015, PLFS003 quoting the order ID 7259. Your mail should be addressed to care@plantslive.in with subject line as order id-SHIPCOST  as “7259-SHIPCOST”. Free plants can be opted with in 24 hours of placing order. Any selection coming after 24 hours may not be served as the packing might have done by that time. Change of selected SHIPCOST plant is not allowed as the workload in processing the orders are high. If any selected SHIPCOST plants are not available due to any reason, that will be intimated to the buyer via mail. If the order got cancelled or items not available due to any reason or any adjustments performed, the shipping cost also will be changed. In such cases, the final shipping cost will be considered for SHIPCOST rather than the initially selected amount. In such cases, buyer should select SHIPCOST plants again.

Example mail:

Subject: “4387-SHIPCOST”

Dear Plantslive Team,

My order ID is 4387
My shipping charge is Rs. 508
I need PLFS018 (salagenella) plant as SHIPCOST


Your Name.
Phone number

We look forward to serve you better.

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Note: You won’t get SHIPCOST plants unless you use the coupon.