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    Hypoestes sanguinolenta plant


    These are not especially challenging plants to grow and will thrive in a grouping of other plants. They do appreciate occasional misting to raise the ambient humidity and you should pinch off shoots that reach 15″ inches or so.

    This will encourage bushiness and keep the plant in a more manageable form. Left unpruned, the plant will grow into a small, loose shrub of about two feet. When it does flower, the flowers are insignificant lavender blooms that are produced from spikes. Pinch these off to prolong the plant’s vitality, and flowering often seems to mark the beginning of the end for these plants. Lastly, watch out for scale, whitefly, and aphids on these plants and treat at the very first sign of infestation.The varieties ‘Splash’ and ‘Confetti’ are the standards, but even within these two main varieties there is significant variety in the final leaf coloration. Leaves range from pink-speckled to red-speckled with red leaf bases.The most common polka dot plant on the market is the pink polka dot, but in recent years growers have introduced new varieties in colors such as white or red. They’ve also developed plants with deeper colors and brighter contrast, so your plants will pop even more.

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